Availability of Courts

Please note that junior clinics are run Monday-Friday 9am-12pm during the summer holidays. We ask members to be flexible during this time of limited court availability and thank you for your understanding.

Summer (Mid- October to June)
Members should be aware that throughout the summer season, courts are reserved for Coaching as follows:

Monday9am – 8pm42
Tuesday9am – 8pm42
Wednesday9am – 8pm42
Thursday9am – 8pm42
Friday9am – 8pm42

Please note that a minimum of 4 grass courts may also be required on a Wednesday due to Ladies Pennants.

Members may use any remaining courts for social play.
If in any doubt, please seek direction from the coach.

Winter Season (June to Mid-October)

Please note, when courts are free they are available on a first come, first serve basis. If in any doubt, please seek direction from the coach. During winter when courts may be in demand, members are asked to show consideration and play for no more than 1 hour if others are waiting.

Grass courts are closed all day on Mondays and on Friday mornings until midday for watering, mowing and marking. The grass courts are closed on Mondays because fertilisers and chemicals are applied during this day. To permit the Groundsman to do his job properly, it is very important that members adhere to this rule.