Rule Book


  1. Please loosen grass court nets after play.
  2. The grass courts are closed Mondays (except Public Holidays), and Tuesdays after a long weekend.  Click here for court availability.
  3. Members joining in club play are expected to be of a reasonable standard of social tennis  and observe court etiquette.
  4. Pennant Teams have priority on Wednesday mornings.


Members are welcome to invite guests to the club but must register the visitor in the exercise book on the verandah and pay the visitor’s fee prior to play. The money is put into an envelope provided and placed in the slot.

A member is allowed 3 visitors and must take responsibility for their behaviour.

Dress Code

It is necessary to wear recognised tennis attire at all times. Proper tennis shoes must be worn. No joggers, black or ripple soled shoes. Shoe tags denote status. Please wear yours to avoid embarrassment.

Code of Behaviour

To read up on Tennis Australia’s Code of Behaviour for tournaments and weekly competitions click here

For some general common sense etiquette click here